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Housing insecurity is a very real issue in Kirksville. Adair County is the fifth poorest county in Missouri. The US Interagency Council on Homelessness states that 1.07% of the overall population in Missouri is homeless, which would translate to approximately 150-175 individuals locally. Many churches and motels report that they receive 20-25 calls a month for assistance and yet there is no place available in Kirksville for transitional housing.

Over the years, churches have helped people on a 1-2 night basis in a local motel, but that isn't a long term solution. Research shows that the best way to combat homelessness is though rehabilitation. Our vision is to provide shelter for individuals and families; not only on an emergency basis - but provide housing while they are looking for a job, and assist during the first few months of employment. We will provide medical, mental health and vocational counseling, and help with basics such as getting persons an address, social security number/card, or birth certificate.

AM Housing’s overarching mission is: “To provide shelter, awaken hope, honor, and dignity in every person who seeks comfort, support, or assistance through our programs in the NE MO area.” We plan to achieve this mission by focusing on two areas of need: a) in the immediate term, we will help housing insecure individuals who have a limited, but stable income; b) in the longer term, it is our goal to help housing and income insecure individuals who are seeking a path to housing and job security.

AM Housing is actively engaged in fulfilling our goals for the immediate term, having recently purchased a house that is currently used for low income rental.

There are so many situations that require both emergency and transitional housing. You may not always see someone on the street corner asking for meals or money, sleeping on a park bench, in an apartment building lobby, alley, or car, camping at the State Park, or “passing through” Kirksville without shelter, yet these things all happen in our community. In other cases, some people are evicted because they have lost their job or fallen ill, left an abusive situation, or have to wait several weeks for a first paycheck.

The best way to combat housing insecurity is through relationship and rehabilitation. Our vision is to provide housing for individuals and families, not only on an emergency basis, but while they are looking for a job and during the first few months of employment until they are able to rent an apartment of their own.

Many donors, churches, service clubs, corporate sponsors, and college students are a part of the solution. We need your help: spread the word, contribute financially, and let us know how you would like to volunteer your time. Thanks for any way that you can be a part of this much needed service!

AM Housing Inc. is a fully recognized 501 c 3 corporation.