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AM Housing Inc. is a new non-profit formed in Kirksville that will provide homeless/transitional house in Northeast Missouri. It is called AM Housing, named after Andrew Moritz, who was born in Kirksville, April 11, 1978.
After a few months his parents moved and raised him in Seattle. He lived a life of inspiration to others while leading his high school and college basketball teams to championships. He inspired family, friends, and work colleagues by words and actions of love and encouragement. During the final three years of his life, he fought an amazing battle with a very rare cancer. It is only appropriate that Kirksville's transitional housing be name in honor of someone, who lived such a selfless life of giving to others.

Homelessness in Adair County takes on many forms: someone sleeping on a local park bench, in an apartment lobby, an alley, a dumpster, a car, or couch surfing or camping in a local park. There are always people "passing through" Kirksville in need of emergency housing, people who've been evicted, left an abusive situation, or lost their job and cannot afford housing anymore. There are so many situations that require emergency housing.

Over the years, churches have helped people on a 1-2 night basis in a local motel, but that isn't a long term solution. Research shows that the best way to combat homelessness is though rehabilitation. Our vision is to provide shelter for individuals and families; not only on an emergency basis - but provide housing while they are looking for a job, and assist during the first few months of employment. We will provide medical, mental health and vocational counseling, and help with basics such as getting persons an address, social security number/card, or birth certificate. The location of the shelter is yet to be determined. That is our initial focus in our fundraising. Maybe someone will donate building toward this worthy cause. Otherwise, we need the funds for a suitable building. Thank you so much for any way you can help.

AM Housing Inc. is a fully recognized 501 c 3 corporation.